If anyone here worked in Patreon's security department, and you are looking for work now... I am recruiting for the best Blue Team on Earth. HMU.

Luís de Camões - c.1524 - 1580 - Considered the greatest poet in Portuguese history, the statue of Camões is located in Praça de Luís de Camões, in the Chiado near the heart of historic Lisbon, and was erected in 1867. His best known work, The Lusiads (Os Lusíadas), is an epic poem in the tradition of Homer and Virgil and is considered the greatest work of Portuguese literature in classicism and Portugal's national epic.

It depicts Vasco da Gama's voyage to India and includes exaggerated depictions of da Gama's crew encountering indigenous cultures and fantastic phenomenon along the way. Its heroic themes include da Gama triumphing over the gods of Ancient Greece who are attempting to prevent the crew from reaching their destination and thus achieving greatness in the name of the Portuguese people, who are depicted as the inheritors of Earth's riches and destined to rule over all its dominions.

Camões himself did travel to both India and Macau - where he experienced mixed financial and political success - before returning to Lisbon where Os Lusíadas was finally published in 1572. His tomb now resides in Jerónimos Monastery in Belém - one of the nation's greatest honors - though it is highly unlikely that the entombed remains are actually his.

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I am absolutely floored that gaming in Linux works well these days. CK3, Spider-Man Remastered, and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, all running excellently. CK3 works natively with no tweaks needed. AC: Odyssey working flawlessly, and Spider-Man Remastered with a slight FPS drop while swinging (more tweaks are likely needed). Shocked at how many games run natively now via Steam.

Pena Palace in Sintra Portugal - Part of the system of Palácio Nacional de Sintra and Pena Park, its origin as a monastery dates to the 15th century. A large portion was destroyed in the earthquake of 1755, but was later reconstituted by Queen Maria II and King Fernando II in the mid 1800s as a ballin' ass summer palace. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of the most-visited national monuments in Portugal. Its site at the top of a large hill overlooking Sintra gives incredible views of the surrounding park and village, including the Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle) which itself dates to the 8th century.

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The Marquês de Pombal (Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo) - 1699-1782 - One of the most prominent figures in #Portuguese history, he is best known for overseeing the rebuilding of #Lisbon after an #earthquake leveled most of the city in #1755. He's also known for his efforts to bring Enlightenment-era reforms to #Portugal, which made powerful enemies of the #Catholic Church and other traditional and wealthy interests. During his lifetime, his fortunes changed several times - from a street gang member in his youth, to Dom João V's principal advisor, and finally his exile in 1777 - but his image has long since been reformed, and he remains one of Portugal's national heroes. The above monument occupies a prominent spot in the roundabout at the bottom of Parque Eduardo VII and the top of Avenida da Liberdade, looking down toward the Praça do Comércio and the River Tagus in one of the city's grandest views.

Zero reason to believe mudge isn’t being truthful about every claim made about twitter. What he describes isn’t even that jaw-dropping: it is the case at almost all major software/technology firms in the world.

My daughter calls the original Super Mario Bros “flat Mario” and I love it.

@welshpixie @DarinWilson I love this idea and I might use my remarkable 2 tablet to do something like this longer term. Brilliant.

If I’m drinking beer while I close my move rings does it still count?

Statue of Dr. Sousa Martins (1843 - 1897) in Jardim do Campo Mártires da Pátria. Dr. Sousa practiced in the Pena area of Lisbon (where the jardim is located) and was known for his devotion to charitable medicine. The statue stands outside NOVA Medical School. Since its erection in 1904, citizens claim the statue can bestow healing to the sick and dying, and leave lit candles and plaques with the names of those who have purportedly been healed at the base of the statue. The park is nice and shaded, with two ponds filled with ducks, chickens, and turtles, an Italian cafe, and recreation area/playground. #lisbon #portugal #pena #campodomartiresdapatria #sousamartins #jardimsoflisbon

Now that I have handbags (a must when you don’t own a car) I feel that “gotta swap all my shit over when I change bags” struggle that my wife has been dealing with for years.

@calcifer btw I realize that first bit sounded cheeky but wasn’t meant to be. If you are convincing - or seen as a very strong talent to the organization - it’s possible you’re having success where I have historically not.

Our shipping container is being delivered today and I am equal parts excited - about having our stuff - and anxious - about how to store everything and the mess of putting it all up/away. But if these are the worst of my problems, I’m fortunate.

@calcifer you’re probably just more convincing and talented than me. In my experience employers will be flexible on some things (like remote policies, signing bonuses, payment terms) but where there are organizational policies guided by things like legal risk exposure, I’ve never seen a flexibility or willingness to change those things (as in the case with non competes) both as an IC or a hiring manager. In any case I don’t think you should walk from a job you want or need over a NC

@calcifer you’re not wrong but I’ve never seen an employer change the terms either, so you’re likely to simply lose the role. That’s your decision of course and laudable on principle, but many people need the work more than they can afford the principle. It never hurts to ask but you’re likely to be declined, and people should understand the risk of it actually being enforced by a court is very, very low. In New York State and California it’s basically impossible for an employer.

If you wanted the online service X to be ads-free and not collect and resell your personal data, how much should you pay to make up for their lost revenue?

It's a question has been roaming in my head for a while, and today I've decided to try and collect some rough data to come up with a price tag.

#Facebook's ads revenue in 2021 was almost $115B. The platform has about 1.9B daily active users, and 2.9B monthly active users.

($115e9 / 2.9e9) / 12 = $3.3 per month

Do we want to assume instead that most of the ads revenue comes from the daily active users, and the fraction from those who login every other week or so is negligible? No problem:

($115e9 / 1.9e9) / 12 = $5 per month

Would you be happy to pay up to $5 to use a social network that connects you to the whole world, but that doesn't hoard your personal data like a junkie, doesn't resell your personal data to controversial actors like Cambridge Analytica, and doesn't profit from targeted ads that push people towards extremism?

Many prefer to see a few ads and don't mind what is done with their data, as long as the service is free. Many, instead, would surely prefer to pay $5 a month, if that's the price to pay to buy Facebook's respect for your data.

The main problem is: why aren't we even given that choice?

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