Our shipping container is being delivered today and I am equal parts excited - about having our stuff - and anxious - about how to store everything and the mess of putting it all up/away. But if these are the worst of my problems, I’m fortunate.

We did not uproot and move to to sit in front of a television. That said, our TV arrives on Tuesday, and I cannot fucking wait to veg out and catch up on literal months of missed shows: Stranger Things, Sandman, For All Mankind, Beavis and Butthead, What We Do in the Shadows, The Boys, West World, Ms. Marvel, and the list goes on. There is so much to do and see here, and I promise after I catch up I'm back to it all.

11/x So that's it. These are a few things we've discovered during our first months being in . There's still so much to see and do, some of which has been hampered by the heat, and our things still haven't arrived by boat, making it a bit uncomfortable in the apartment. Otherwise, we're happy with our decision and eager to continue to learning about PT and experiencing everything it has to offer. Zero regrets.

Reply if you have questions or insights about anything!

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1/x We've now been in for a month and I thought I'd share some thoughts on what I've observed and learned so far. These observations might count for much of , though as I haven't traveled Europe I can't really say what's distinct to Portugal or not.

1. One of the challenges we've faced is telling what's a restaurant, and when it's open. We see storefronts that appear to never be open, and then one day they suddenly will be, and people will be inside. Some of this might just be

Fun and little-known fact: "Friday" in português is called "sexta-feira," because it's the day for having sex.

Yo you can get 4 hamburger patties and a pack of 4 buns here, leaving no extra ones to go stale like in the US. Incredible

At least my wife's purses arrived here undamaged and unchallenged by Portuguese customs. If they had challenged that valuation we might have had to drop them into the harbor.

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Something I've just figured out for maintaining a US number while abroad: if you intend to activate a prepaid eSIM-based plan to retain your US number, do it while you are still in the United States to avoid any hangups with activation.

US Mobile, Google Fi, and other carriers I've attempted so far *can not* activate an eSIM while you are abroad since the initial handshake needs to be done with a US tower (this according to my attempts and to their CSR).

More updates soon


It's like the . The beams are being broken, and time is moving on. Only here, no is coming to save us. No Knight of Eld will assail the tower and restore the natural order.

I've never been happier to leave the United States but I can't help but feel that the rot and decay are here to stay no matter where you go. I'm worried travel will only get worse. That people will be unable to leave for brighter shores.

Stay safe and sane out there.

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1/ What a saga trying to get to . I'll likely do a more detailed writeup later, but it goes a lil something like this:

- After getting sick, we were rescheduled for Tuesday. We managed to fly from ATL to BOS on Tuesday.
- Our flight from BOS to LIS was canceled after 1.5 hours on the tarmac. We were basically ejected and told to take our checked luggage (7 suitcases - remember, this was our one way out of the country). No hotels were offered.

Well, we're stranded in . Last night at 2am on the tarmac, plane has a mechanical failure and they eject us. Everyone stranded. Lots of folks sleeping in the arrivals terminal. We found a hotel and are now scrambling to figure out how to get there. Major international flight issues right now.

The world is trying to keep us from moving, but it will fail!

Okay, last two - because the one way flight to Portugal is today! I’ve sort of veered into all of Portugal and not just Lisbon, but it’s hard to contain ourselves to just Lisbon. While it will be home, it will also be a launch pad for all of our other adventures!

Looking forward to

- Being part of our community. I hope we’ll know our neighbors and take an active part in our community.
- Museum of the Orient!

Well, we ended up sick last week, which means we bumped out flight out of the country from Saturday to Tuesday. We'll be out soon, but I also have a few days to catch up on looking forward to , so here we go!

- Watching my daughter play under a 300+ year old aqueduct :)
- Taking the train to Cascais for the beach!
- River cruise up the Douro Valley :D
- Traveling to Nazaré to see the giant wave

Looking forward to

This sounds weird but - cured meats. I saw some amazing shops with fresh cuts and cured meats and sausages, and I can't wait to sample them all - along with some bomb ass cheeses. 🤤

Two more - looking forward to !

- Touring Portugal's amazing wine regions. Maybe we'll do a river cruise on the Douro? The river valley looks gorgeous.

- Finally getting our national ID card so we can then get our permanent viagem transportation card 😃 Our appointment with SEF is in October (still a long way out), after which time our visa will convert to a residence permit and we'll get national IDs.

Our shipping container has been picked up and is now headed for the port of Savannah. If our art and books don't melt from the fucking heat, we'll be lucky

I owe you two! Looking forward to

- Learning Português, of course!
- FINALLY getting to see a Sporting Lisbon or Benfica match! We're a house divided - my wife has decided she's a Benfica fan and I suspect I'll support Sporting :)

Looking forward to

Festivals! There are a number of local and regional festivals throughout the year with outdoor events, parties, food, and processions. A lot of them are based on Saints or religious events but they seem to draw the whole community out.

Another catchup today! 😅

Looking forward to

- Cool evenings in the Jardim de Parada
- A much more extensive tour of the palace at Sintra (our first tour was beset by rain and a short timetable)

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