I owe you two! Looking forward to

- Learning Português, of course!
- FINALLY getting to see a Sporting Lisbon or Benfica match! We're a house divided - my wife has decided she's a Benfica fan and I suspect I'll support Sporting :)

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Hey, I have a quick question. How are you going about learning Portuguese?

@Scott great question - most of the apps focus on Brazilian Portuguese, which is different enough that you will get corrected a lot. I'm using - it has a companion mobile app too. It's specific to PT-PT and so far has been awesome. When we arrive, we're looking at both private tutors and language exchanges.

Thanks! I'll check it out.

Do you know any good books or YouTube channels for absolute beginners?

@Scott I don’t - but we actually picked up a few children’s books in Português to practice with our daughter. Would welcome any references if you find any online resources that are helpful!

Will do! But I'm not quite at the stage of starting to learn the language. Just evaluating possible resources.

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